BArch Program
in Thai Architecture


The Bachelor of Architecture Program in Thai Architecture is a 5-year professional degree, with a strong focus on architectural and environmental design as an analytical, problem-solving, as well as socially-responsible process. The program objectives are threefold:

(1) to produce graduates with a full knowledge in architecture and the related fields for both the architectural profession and the academia;
(2) to enhance the body of architectural knowledge, making cross-disciplinary linkages with science, technology, society, culture, as well as economy, in response to the needs of the society;
(3) to give Thai professional architectural practice a competitive edge at the international level.



Course Name
Bachelor of Architecture Program in Thai Architecture
Degree Full Name
Bachelor of Architecture
Degree Initial Name
B. Arch.
The Bachelor of Architecture Program in Architecture offers a fundamental architectural education for future practitioners and leaders who will contribute their skill, intelligence and vision towards the advancement of the architectural discipline at both the local and global levels