The Faculty of Architecture of Chulalongkorn University doesn’t emphasize only academic knowledge and architectural design studio but also extra-curricular activities including: out-of-class learning, field trips, sport activities, rural development volunteer camp and student social events. The extra-curricular activities help in broadening the horizons and skills of students, also truly fulfilling the in-class learning experience.

Intellectual activities consist of field trips or site visits throughout the curriculum, in order to enhance experience and skills, including observation, data entry, data collection and practicing.

Architectural tutoring for high school students, organized by current bachelor’s degree architecture students, is another kind of intellectual activity that improves team-working and basic organization skills, with the aim of passing on knowledge, vision and different perception of the Faculty of Architecture to students who are interested.

Sports and special activities are played in the Faculty of Architecture; Rugby is traditionally played among architecture students and they also compete with other faculties or institutions annually. Sports do not only benefit physical and mental health but also teach students some valuable social skills, like team work and community service.

The architecture students’ stage a yearly play, a well-known project over the past decades, that unites all of the architecture students, from freshmen to seniors and improves many skills such as organizing, cooperation, commitment and creativity. Importantly, it encourages students to discover new interests and skills, including sets and props making, sound and lighting, acting, performing and costuming.

The Volunteer project is a biannual event that gathers students from all years, in order to use their architectural skills to serve rural areas in Thailand. This is an opportunity for students to expand their learning beyond studio. Getting to see all process from planning, designing to constructing and benefiting the community is a feeling that cannot be experienced in a studio. Engaging in a community service project provides real-world experiences, refines problem-solving skills and also helps in social skills such as cooperating and building up relationship between other students and the locals.

The student social events aim to enhance the relationship among students from senior to freshman. The Welcoming Ceremony for freshmen, organized by third year students, includes many activities for instance, First Date, Tom Tom Night and Silpjum day. For about 2 months, the Ceremony encourages students to build up a good relationships and to bond among them and hopefully to carry on the tradition and other activities that have been an important part of their university life. In addition, Homecoming is a time honoured event for seniors and recent graduates to build meaningful network relations. Consequently, Alumni maintain a close relationship to this faculty and have been supporting in many activities and events, hence the well-established relationship.

Throughout the student life in university, the Department of Architecture and the Faculty of Architecture have been supporting scholarship, location and other resources to students, in order to point out the importance of education through out-of-class learning and enrich students experiences and skills. Our students will learn the value of ethics, through peaceful coexistence in society, teamwork and respect and inclusion of diversity, to become well-rounded citizens of the world.