CU x TMU Workshop 2022

by Waricha Wongphyat. Ph.D. (editor)

This book is a summary of the first international workshop on architecture and urbanism organized by Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University and Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University from October to December 2022. Focusing on architectural and cultural diversity of Talad Noi and Bang Rak districts, the program consisted of lecture series, surveys of literary works and field surveys, together with joint discussions and presentations of work progress and design proposal.

To begin with, a series of online lectures, which comprised Deltaic Amphibious Settlement of the Southeast Asia by Assistant Professor Dr. Terdsak Tachakitkachorn, Talad Noi: Morphological History of a Bangkok District by Assistant Professor Dr.Pirasri Povatong, and The Futures of Living in Bangkok by Panthira Julayanont were given to participants during October – November to help foster knowledge and understanding of the past and the future of Bangkok dwelling and the city. In addition, talks on Japanese Architecture and Built Environment Reconsidered Inside-out/Outside-in by Associate Professor Dr. Yoshihiko Ito, Edifice of the Wild by Associate Professor Dr. Fuminori Nousaku, and Living with Intensity in Thai Dwelling by Associate Professor Dr. Waricha Wongphyat during the on-site workshop in December shed light on not only current issues on sustainable ecology and wellbeing, but also a cross-cultural comprehension between Japan and Thailand. Another core activity is the exploration of Bangkok, in particular Talad Noi and Haroon Mosque community, along with the field surveys to old water-based settlements in the north and the east of the city, adaptive reuse shophouses, and contemporary architectural projects. Representing how the old and the new co-present in different contexts, these cases helped encourage a vibrant exchange of ideas, reflections, and thoughtful design propositions.

Divided into three main themes—customizability, in-betweenness, and multiculturality, the design proposals of six teams included Customunity, Customizable Shopfront, In-betweenness under the Roof, Reorganization of Local Street: Trok Rong Moo, Connecting the Multiculture: Haroon Community, and Talad Noi Communal Workshop. All proposals aimed at enlivening the relationship between people and place and enriching the quality of life of the communities.

Waricha Wongphyat, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

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