The Effect of Color Temperature and Background Color of Handwoven Fabric Exhibition on Audience Perception in Museum

by Phanchalath Suriyothin

Pieces of valuable handwoven fabrics are exhibited in museums to express their aesthetics, creativity, and knowledge from the locals. Therefore, the protective measures from the risk of deterioration must be carefully considered. Simultaneously, the display should enhance the attractiveness of these fabrics. The
objective of this research is to investigate the effect of correlated color temperatures and the background colors of the exhibits on handwoven fabrics. A mock-up room is built for the assessment. The illuminance level as recommended for the conservation is applied. The evaluation of the perception is done by displaying the handwoven-natural dyed color silk fabric of three different colors in front of three different backdrop colors. Each setting is tested with two different color temperatures. Six different scenarios are evaluated by a sample group of 60 people. The data collected from questionnaires are assessed and analyzed by using the statistical calculation method. The findings will provide some appropriate techniques for enhancing the display of handwoven fabrics and promoting positive effects to the valuable fabric exhibition.

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